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From the makers of TRAKTOR comes TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 – the perfect add-on controller for super-intuitive control over TRAKTOR's looping, cueing, syncing and effects.

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Whether you’re a timecode or software DJ, simply connect the TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 to a computer running TRAKTOR and gain instant control of two track decks – as well as their respective hotcues, looping and effects. Backlit buttons provide precise visual and tactile status feedback, letting you delve deep inside TRAKTOR without having to touch your computer. 

Ultra-smooth communication with TRAKTOR via Native Instruments’ high-resolution protocol gives the hardware a more precise feel compared to regular MIDI controllers. All buttons and knobs have been pre-mapped for optimum TRAKTOR use but can be re-configured in any way you like. You can find and share useful customized mappings in our User Library. 

TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 can also be used as a MIDI controller for your other software, or you can add a second X1 to control four decks and four FX units. 

TRAKTOR KONTROL X1's high-quality, back-lit LED buttons and push encoders are clearly arranged in distinct transport, browse, loop and effects sections. With enough room for convenient control of selecting, cueing, synching and pitching tracks, you always have the right music on hand. Eight knobs and eight buttons simultaneously control up to three effects on each deck, while the intuitive loop control section together with direct access to eight hotcues per track will have you remixing your music without interrupting the flow. 

Native Instruments tutorials: 
Video Overview... 

SONIC ACADEMY tutorials: 
Our friends from Sonic Academy provide seven in-depth video tutorials on nearly any X1 feature: 

Available separately, the TRAKTOR KONTROL BAG is a stylish and slim solution for DJs on the go. It features a soft, felt-padded inside and protective outer coating that keeps your investment safe. The bag can easily be transformed into a solid stand, elevating the X1 to standard mixer and turntable height. A must-have for travelling DJs and any TRAKTOR KONTROL owner who wants to place the unit alongside a mixer, turntables, or CD decks!

This product includes the flagship TRAKTOR PRO 2.5* software with Remix Decks™, giving you access to a new level of creativity – merge the worlds of DJing and live performance. 

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