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MuseBox takes advantage of virtual instrument and effects software for cutting-edge sounds and unprecedented flexibility. Portable, compact, and completely self-contained - just plug in, and play!

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  • Intel Dual-Core Processor
  • 2GB of DDR-2 RAM
  • 8GB Flash IDE disc module
  • 2 channels line level balanced inputs OR 2 channel mic/instrument inputs
  • 2 channels line level unbalanced outputs
  • Passive mix mode for connecting external CD or MP3 player, drum machine, etc.
  • Front panel headphone output
  • Full Size MIDI input
  • Four USB ports
  • VGA video output for viewing / editing software interface of plug-ins
  • Phantom power
  • Dedicated mic/instrument input volume control and 3 segment LED meters
  • Ethernet port


  • New, two channel "DUO HOST" VST plug-in host environment running on Linux
  • SoundFinder preset structure for easy selection of presets, "Advanced mode" for using as a normal RECEPTOR
  • A variety of essential high quality keyboard sounds are included
  • Peavey ReValver HP guitar amplifier modeling software
  • Assortment of effects, including Reverb and Chorus
  • RECEPTOR Remote control for control from a computer
  • MuseControl software interface for controlling individual plug-in GUIs

Installed Software


  • MusePlayer - maker of the UVI engine that powers Spectrasonics and MOTU. over 4GB of premium sounds
  • AAS Player - Muse Research Edition with custom "premium" presets, killer EPs and Wurly
  • Alchemy - Muse Research Edition with custom "premium" presets, amazing PAD synths
  • Free Alpha 3 - Virtual Analog lead synth
  • U-he Triple Cheese - Karplus Strong algorithmic synth with some killer sounds
  • RECEPTOR Remote control for control from a computer
  • True Pianos Amber Lite Combo sampled / physically modelled piano, Muse Research Version


  • Peavey ReValver HP Amazing professional amp modeller
  • TrackPlug 4 MRD Edition, Professional quality reverb
  • MasterVerb 4 MRD edition, Professional quality channel strip (comp/ex/limiter/EQ)
  • MuVoice LE - vocal harmonizer, doubler, tripler, and more
  • Camel Space - Time-based filter effects
  • Camel Phatt3 - Time-based distortion / delay
  • Camel Crusher - distortion and bit reduction effects
  • Kjaerhaus Classic Chorus Classic Chorus effect
  • Kjaerhaus Classic EQ Graphical EQ effect
  • Kjaerhaus Classic Phaser Classic Phaser effect
  • Kjaerhaus Classic Flanger Classic Flanger effect
  • GLoop - MIDI controllable audio looper, up to 4 tracks
  • Karlette tape delay - virtual tape-like echoplex delay

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