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64-bit DAW Software with Advanced Audio Recording, MIDI Sequencing, and Scoring Capabilities, Bundled with Powerful Plug-in Processors and Virtual Instruments - Mac and PC

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  • A professional choice for film scoring, post-production, and music recording
  • 64-bit, cross-platform compatibility lets you run this amazing DAW on any computer
  • Loaded with more incredible plug-ins and virtual instruments than ever before
  • MOTU's Punch Guard preroll and postroll recording saves good takes from bad timing
  • Customize your environment to comfortably fit the needs of your workflow
MOTU Digital Performer 8 DAW Software Features:
  • NEW - Cross-platform compatibility - runs on both Mac and PC operating systems
  • NEW - 64-bit operating system support (includes support for 32-bit operating systems as well)
  • NEW - Guitar amp, cabinet, and stompbox models
  • NEW - Modeled analog delay, multiband dynamic equalizer, de-esser, Springamabob spring reverb, Subkick kick drum enhancer, and other plug-in processors
  • NEW - Punch Guard automatic preroll/postroll recording prevents cutoff recordings from ruining takes
  • NEW - Enhanced video engine lets you view full 720 or 1080 HD video clips on your main or secondary monitor
  • NEW - 14 extra themes, including Hi-Fi, Arctic, and None More Black
  • Award-winning DAW software that's perfect for recording audio, scoring music, and arranging sound for post-production
  • Powerful audio recording and MIDI sequencing that's only limited by your computer's capabilities
  • Flexible user interface lets you create and arrange your own environment to best suit your workflow
  • Consolidated window options let you instantly switch between complete layouts
  • Color themes let you change the look of your workspace with a single click
  • DP Control app for iOS devices gives you wireless control over your session
  • Track folders make managing your elaborate projects easy
  • Meter Bridge gives you a quick overview of all of your levels
  • MIDI Keys lets you trigger MIDI notes without an external MIDI controller - perfect for on-the-go editing with a laptop
  • Audio Click lets you customize the sound and nature of your click track
  • Nondestructive track comping lets you easily organize and manage multiple takes on a single track
  • Advanced editing tools let you dive into every aspect of your project for fine editing
  • Built-in waveform editor gives you the ability to edit audio at its most basic level with absolute control
  • Inline mixing layout makes controlling levels, adding plug-ins, and setting up monitoring easy
  • 64-bit mastering tools include MasterWorks Limiter, Multi-Band Compressor, Leveler and Parametric EQ
  • Built-in pitch automation lets you add pitch correction and pitch-based effects
  • Automatic beat detection simplifies tempo mapping and beat quantization
  • Supports VST and AU plug-ins as well as ReWire MIDI and audio interchange
  • Plug-in effects include guitar amp and stompbox modeling, as well as processors for equalization, dynamics, reverb, and more
  • Virtual instruments include 4 x synths, a sampler, and a drum module
  • QuickScribe Music Notation gives you accurate real-time MIDI transcription and advanced tools for fine tuning your score
  • Sample-accurate timing and synchronization also makes DP perfect for live effent triggering
  • AAF, OMF, XML file Interchange options make collaboration easy.


Software TypeDAW
Supported Computer FormatMac/PC
Supported Plug-In FormatsVST, AU
Supported Audio FormatsCore Audio, ASIO
OS Requirements - MacMac OS X (32-bit and 64-bit)
OS Requirements - PCWindows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

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